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Santafe Global Inc. is a global organization, a first in its class land development, and farming company with significant real estate investments in North America, the Caribbean, and South America. Our firm’s success is the direct result of the company’s vision, in developing food products with an emphasis on creative solutions, use of advanced technology, and farming practices with a keen eye for sound environmental practices. We seek to enhance food production, productivity for local consumption, and export.

Santafe Global has a traditional approach to its business, with trust, and respect being as cornerstones of our company’s credo. This approach has resulted in productive long-term relationships with its partners, lenders, contractors, consultants, and governmental agencies. This perspective extends to all our actions and interactions, where we look to generate value in every deal for every participant.

Santafe Global aims to be a world leader in the farming franchise space. Our drive is as legendary, as our will is resolute. Our goal is to revolutionize the farming industry in Guyana, and with you as a partner, we are confident in our mutual success.

Let’s Grow Together

100,000 acres, unlimited possibilities. We have the support you need to make your dreams a reality.
Franchisees will undergo a training and orientation program in the US. We will work closely with franchisees to achieve broader objectives and will guarantee current prices in the world market for products.

Step 1: Dream Big!

This all starts with you. Whether you need a single acre or a thousand, we have everything you need to get you started.

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Step 2: Apply

Take 10 minutes to fill out our application form. It's all completely confidential. We're here if you need any help.

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Step 3: Formulate a Plan

Once initial screening is complete, our Business Development Manager will reach out to offer you guidance on your business plan.

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Step 4: Financial Review

This is where we make make sure that all of your i's are dotted and your t's are crossed. If all criteria are met, then you will be approved.

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Step 5: Approval

You've made it! Sign our franchise agreement. Finalize the purchase of your land and you're good to get started.

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Santafe Global’s ranching initiative is multifaceted with a strong focus on support for our partners. As a franchisee with Santafe, you will receive US based training not only on the best practices for ranching, but also on how to treat ranching like the successful business model that it is.

Guyana enjoys a tropical climate and uniform humidity, which has resulted in the steady growth of the agricultural sector over the last 5 years. As technology advances, we pledge to be on the cutting edge to give you all of the advantages needed to make your ranching franchise a success.


Santafe Global Inc. knows that one of the major issues affecting agricultural farming is the lack of continuous land holdings. Franchisees will enjoy access to thousands of acres of prime agricultural land. Through our collective bargaining power, we seek to also guarantee access to high quality seeds, fertilizers, and biocides.

Our organization will guarantee the purchase of your produce at fair market prices, while still offering you and your business all of the support we can with agricultural necessities such as irrigation, storage, and mechanization – aspects that will take you to the heights of success on your journey.


Aquaculture more commonly known as fish farming is a burgeoning industry across the world. At Santafe Global, our focus will be on freshwater aquaculture with an emphasis on oysters, clams, mussels, and some variants of freshwater fish.

Over the years, the reliance on freshwater aquaculture to provide favorably priced fish to the world’s supply chains. As a part of our franchise family, we will provide you with the tools and training you need to make your aquaculture business a success beyond your dreams, while still remaining sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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